If I switch from Microsoft server hosting to Linux package would my sites still work?

Question by Dennis M: If I switch from Microsoft server hosting to Linux package would my sites still work?
i want to install cre loaded and for that i need linux hosting. if i switch to linux hosting would my old sites that i created on my windows machine still work? may be its a silly question but i have no idea how linux works.

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Answer by Ben
It depends on what you used to create the sites. If the sites are either straight HTML, using CGI, or are currently running on the WAMP stack (Windows, the Apache Webserver, the MySQL database, and any one of Python, Perl, or PHP scripts), then it will work just fine on the fully open-source LAMP stack (Linux instead of Windows). If on the other hand you are using Windows-specific tools, such as the IIS webserver with ASP.NET code, it most likely won't work at all.

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  1. WiseOne says:

    If you are running ASP.Net web sites, then no, they won’t work under Linux because ASP.Net only runs under IIS which only runs on Windows. Linux installations typically run Apache web server.

  2. deonejuan says:

    I surfed over to CRE loaded. They never say what the backend is… Zend? Joomla!? etc.but it does appear to be a framework with limited customization and their main strength is they swear they are PCI compliant. So you question gets down to the database??? What database did you use?

    I can not find any specs on System Requirements. Maybe it is in the FAQ installation PDF download which I didn’t bother with. I don’t see the Linux requirement. Basically, Linux works because of folder restrictions.

    From the looks of their Membership fees (which seem high) they host, you connect, you have a limit on support option contacts. In other words, they look like a php stack framework like WordPress, only for eCommerce. Other options with your own ISP would include Zend, Joomla! and Drupal — but you have a serious learning curve ahead of you.