cheapest hosting?

Question by Philip Augustus: cheapest hosting?
who is the cheapest hosting?
where I can create a site. and put on google ads. to make money on the ads.

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Answer by Andrew Y
its free
its free too

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  1. taja609 says:

    Hi I found this amazing site that gave me relevand \t answers to my questions as I was also uncertain about web hosting. Here’s my source:
    Good luck with your site!

  2. mpurify says:

    The cheapet hosting plans definitely will be those free plans. If you want them, take a look at, there you can find many good free offers.

    If you are not mean free plans, only want the cheapest one, take a look at , select all plans and compare, you may interested in the price and coupon rows listed there.

  3. Daniel R says:

    Well, the cheapest plan, most hosting companies offer is about $ 7.95/month but ONLY if you pay a year upfront. You can get it even cheaper if you pay two or more years upfront. I wanted to pay monthly, and finally found one that offers this option. It’s Dreamhost.

    You can start hosting your site on Dreamhost for $ 10.95/month. Check their plan here:

    One free domain name is included in this price, so you can have a site up and running in less than 10 minutes.

    Here’s the procedure:

    1. Go to
    2. Choose a payment period: Pay Monthly @ $ 10.95/mo + $ 49.95 setup = $ 60.90
    (you won’t have to pay the $ 49.95 setup fee, more about that later)
    3. Leave the Google Apps option checked if you want to get a free gmail address in this format: (you can choose up to 50 free email addresses later on)
    4. Pick first domain to host: Enter the domain name you want to register for free
    5. Pick some username
    6. Enter your personal info
    7. Finally: THIS IS IMPORTANT – To get the free setup enter the Promo Code: DNA
    8. Agree to the Terms of Service
    9. Click Continue to secure payment…
    10. At the next screen you’ll see that the promo code has waived the setup fee, and you have to pay only the $ 10.95.
    11. Now choose your payment option and pay
    12. The fastest way to create a site is to install wordpress on your domain. (you don’t have to do it manually, just use OneClick install, Dreamhost will install everything for you)

    Dreamhost allows you to host unlimited number of domains on a single account, so it’s very easy to add a couple of more sites, as you come up with some new ideas.

    If you do want to pay a year upfront you can get it for $ 69.40 ($ 5.78/month) by using the same promo code.