Anyone Know the list of Top 10 Web Hosting Providers?

Question by Asif h: Anyone Know the list of Top 10 Web Hosting Providers?
i want to know the top ten web hosts list by rank

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Answer by Sohail
Just check this maybe it helps you.


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  1. Danielfreakymelon says:

    You can get the Details at here

  2. Andrei says:

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  3. Lisa Czernicki says:

    Here is a site with a Top 10 web hosting provider comparison.

    Ranking is subjective and doesn’t mean a whole lot. If it’s a public rating system, you’re going to get competitors saying bad things to bring down the rating. If it’s a closed rating system, you’re going to get the owner of the site chearleading for the highest commissions.

    Providers could be ranked by price and that doesn’t say anything about service. Yes, price is a factor, but you also want robust features. Most of the Top 10 web hosting companies have the same features.

    I’d pay very close attention to their guarantee. Some only have a 30-45 day guarantee and that many not be enough to fully develop your site and get traffic to it. Look for any anytime moneyback guarantee, instead. That way you can close your account and you’ll be refunded the unused hosting fees.

    Also look at their Better Business Bureau rating. If they aren’t getting problems resolved and have a poor rating, stay away from them. Not all host will have a rating, but that can also be a sign of a good thing. People don’t usually contact the BBB with praise for a company. Instead, it’s to complain. If there are no complaints, that’s a tood sign.