OpenSUSE Linux 11.3 Web Hosting Solution

This is official build of Linux, based on OpenSUSE 11.3 x64 Linux, used by Hosting Provider This system required 101mb of ram, here is a proof http - this is clear linux for Counter-Strike Server. Video tutorial about HOWTO install this "Web Hosting Solution" Linux. First you need to download this build from Some info about this buld: All you need to make own hosting server, game server or any other server. Easy with no error compilation any package. Make your life easier. Lightweight build with no error, no graphical interface, only console with all you need. With live-installer you can install to hard drive and use it on the server. This build hosted (need manual install): Counter-Strike: Source, Team Fortress 2, Lineage 2, Exim, PHP 5, Apache 2, ProFTPD, MySQL 5 and many other products - compiled from official sources. PS This is server edition, a text-only openSUSE Linux for advanced users. Link to download this build:
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  1. dybiks says:

    @blu956 This system required 101mb of ram, here is a proof URL (look in description, second paragraph) – this is clear linux for Counter-Strike Server.

  2. blu956 says:

    I hope someone reads this, but i was wondering how much ram would be required to run this system, i’ve been in search of an operating system that can run under 100mb of ram, starting to take up server building but it’s a bit difficult to start off, it’s my idea to install dsl ans start from there but would anyone know of something better?