What is the difference between linux hosting and windows hosting?

Question by giridharanbtech: What is the difference between linux hosting and windows hosting?
I'm going to host a website. what is the difference between these both hosting? please explain it clearly. I'm going to use php in my site. which one is best for that?

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Answer by just "JR"
Both will offer Php, if installed.
Linux hosting is the most common (75% of the market). It is cheaper, since it uses Open Source languages. It is faster (since Unix is faster than windows). It is relatively free of bugs, as bugs are, usually, corrected within days.
Window based systems are less common (25% of servers). It is expensive, since it uses closed sources (Microsoft) for which you have to pay, repay and re-re-pay endless licence fees. It has bugs that have never been addressed (MS prefers to issue a new system than correcting mistakes)

There is no choice, really!
Users of Window based servers, ASP, JSP, .net have more money than brain.

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  1. Neo says:

    Both have their ups and downs, but if you’re using PHP then go for linux. Cause Windows is for ASP mostly.

  2. John says:

    Linux its the most common hosting plans.
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  3. John says:

    Linux is the better solution.

    The only reason to get Windows hosting would be if you need to use ASP, but since you need PHP than the Linux hosting is a better choice.

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