The Fat Cow 7 HD 1/2

link to part two This is not my video Authors description ---[TFC 7 contains]--- 3v3 Warrior/Priest/Feral Bg's Duels Duells Against: Noone - Frostmage, using coldsnap Vaelisious - Destruction Warlock --- [Add0ns] --- MagicTrack Necb Ct mod (unitframes and mailmod) Proximo eCastingbar Outfitter check out blog Please Comment Rate and subscribe
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  1. DaMoonshot says:

    song names?

  2. crazydudes55 says:

    i like cows but this video sucks balls

  3. 0Dre010 says:

    @hellopellos They would 🙂
    Sticks and stones my friend… sticks and stones..

  4. hellopellos says:

    @0Dre010 you said they were going to be full all the time.

    you’re still fucking retarded

  5. 0Dre010 says:

    @hellopellos Maybe they were flawed. So what?
    My point is that, if they sucked trough your eyes, they could suck less through other people’s eyes.
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. That doesn’t mean that the Vanilla, and BC servers wouldn’t have people playing in them.

  6. hellopellos says:

    @0Dre010 ye im so retarded for knowing vanilla sucked and bc was decent but far from perfect.


  7. 0Dre010 says:

    @hellopellos They don’t “fail” at making money. They just want to keep the story new and exciting for old school players. They want to expand the game. Now, if you doubt that a lot people would actually like to play Pre-BC / BC. You’re Retarded.

  8. hellopellos says:

    @0Dre010 ye, blizzard failing at making money since forever i guess.
    you’re fucking retarded.

  9. 0Dre010 says:

    @hellopellos Honestly? No.
    Oh and.. why so serious?

  10. hellopellos says:

    @0Dre010 you can doubt how fucking much you want, don’t you think that if blizzard knew that there would be a market for that shit there would be servers for that?

  11. 0Dre010 says:

    @criticalsheep Retail > Private servers

  12. 0Dre010 says:

    @hellopellos I doubt that tremendiously.

  13. 0Dre010 says:

    @metalftw44 Clearly you never played BC, or pre-BC.

  14. DannyBoiRamz says:

    @ssullyy92 i hit 60 4 days before TBC was released. but coming up world pvp was beast, it was alive for awhile during the 70 days. @ 80 it was completely dead. all arena resilience and cookie cutter teams. from mind blowing to mindless.

  15. hellopellos says:

    @0Dre010 they would be empty.

  16. metalftw44 says:

    @0Dre010 lol, clearly you neved tried wotlk

  17. illithiss says:

    @mrlindv He is comming back now in season nine, but he will play as alliance. Read it on doom squads home page

  18. criticalsheep says:

    @0Dre010 there are private servers for that

  19. mrlindv says:

    I miss chrille i wish he would come back :(, he was my inspiration to go feral way back in the day

  20. gunnarw132 says:

    @0Dre010 my exact thoughts.

  21. Nollerish says:

    @shizleqq Yeah guess it comes down to personal prefernce

  22. shizleqq says:

    @Nollerish ye cos every time they creat new expansion they make it even worst then last 1

  23. Nollerish says:

    @0Dre010 Think its funny. In TBC people asked for pre TBC servers. Now with WOTLK they ask for TBC servers. So when Cata hits we will all ask for pre Cata to? 🙂

  24. josh210693 says:

    whats the very last song called?

  25. MrJpilcher says:

    where is the cloning in here?