Beer Run Bobby……..he loco!!

Beer Run Bobby........he loco!!
Just Host
Image by Ms. Phoenix
Comedian/Radio Show Host from San Jose, California, hosting "The Say No to Drugs Carshow" in Phoenix, Arizona!/pages/The-Beer-Run-Bobby-Oldi...

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  1. cedwardbrice says:

    This is a great capture. Love the composition and the attitude here.

  2. Ms. Phoenix says:

    …I got to the show early and here’s this guy in a suit at the carshow screaming on the mic and acting crazy…kinda scared me at first, but then he started making fun of cholos and cracked me up….tooooo funny…..I’m a fan now…..

  3. lloydboy52 says:

    Ha, love the wierd angle of the car in the background!

  4. cedwardbrice says:

    [] You got the last laugh..this is a really cool image. Con-grads.

  5. Alvamar says:

    lowriders rules ok……