Flash + PHP USA Map Button Graphical Interfacing Tutorial CS3 CS4 CS5

Free Editable Source - www.developphp.com Free flash 8+CS3+CS4 source file for flash webmasters looking to offer a cooler looking menu system for selecting geographic areas on a map type layout. PHP + Actionscript 3.0 and 2.0
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  1. irod1st says:

    Great tutorials and very helpful for me, but i have one question for you. How did you make the buttons of the map so smooth and no pixelated contour (i`ve been zoom your U.S. map at 2000% and the lines between countries are very smooth without pixels)? I`m doing the flash map of Romania and when i zoom on the contour it`s going being pixelated. I hope you understand what i mean to say. Good Luck !!!


  2. ayomaroshi says:

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  3. KwskG says:

    thank you!

  4. adrianrifa says:

    would you recommend a book that can help with interactivity with flash like your site and databases??

  5. theultrachicken says:

    hawaii is the 50th state

  6. SwordSkill2 says:

    Is it any way to name a variable according the value of another variable?
    For example, I wanna name a variable “numberslot” and another named “slot:nnumslot” so that if numslot would be “5” then the name of the “slot” would be “slot:5”

  7. TheZiondesign says:

    You are jus a know at all… Thank you to God because you are in this earth..

  8. shyguy32 says:

    Oh, my God! You’re AWESOME!!!

  9. flashbuilding says:

    I threw in Hawaii and Puerto Rico and some extras.

    Actually there are 53 now if we count Iraq… USA owns that now too… just not publicly and on paper… lol just kidding

  10. carchamp95 says:

    we will see all 52 states there, ok, but i thought there where only 50

  11. flashbuilding says:

    Now that is a comment that makes one feel warm! … you guys take note… lol…

  12. mordamoja says:

    wow u save my ass….and my time THANKS

  13. yyassaman74 says:

    you are the BEST Adam!

  14. ddoodm says:

    Haha! Sweet! Thanks Adam! You included AS2 as well!! I LOVE YOU!!!

  15. Ozimandias84 says:

    Adam, your tutorials are so good, i want to have your babies!

  16. BasicCompHelp says:

    Thank you ^.^

  17. flashbuilding says:

    Like full PHP applications? Yes I plan to do PHP shopping cart, custom site blogs, etc… I am also recreating my PHP tutorial section to add much more knowledge about the language. And MySQL stuff too. Over the next couple months I will compose a nice full learning flow for PHP there.

  18. xxxmorgyxxx says:

    Ah okay I get it.

  19. xxxmorgyxxx says:

    52 states?

  20. BasicCompHelp says:

    Your welcome, keep up the great vids. Can you also do more PHP vids? I like those. 😀

  21. flashbuilding says:


  22. BasicCompHelp says:

    Great Project 5/5