Why don’t I just go with the cheapest hosting

Why don't I just go with the cheapest hosting

Web hosting has become quite cheap and affordable nowadays. There are web hosts offering services at very low prices. However, how cheap a package that you go for depends on why you need to get your website hosted. If you are conducting online business or something you certainly need the best of services. A very important aspect is technical support. If your support from your web hosting is great, then you are able to give them a call whenever you want and repair the situation quickly and easily.

The cheapest web hosting packages don't usually come with these support facilities.  Also cheap web hosting companies typically host their servers where bandwidth is cheap, as that is the main cost for a web host provider. The bad part for the customer is those servers are often geographically very far away from them and because of the large distance, page loading time is very slow and may even time out completely sometimes. They offer less bandwidth, and less server space. You will definitely be needing some space if you decide to upgrade your site. Lower bandwidth will make your web pages load slower. Then again it's not unusual for cheaper hosting companies to be late adopters of technologies. Since many systems require new technologies, you may find that the software you want to run may not run on your host. Some web hosts keep their costs low by keeping their old servers running longer than they should.  Not only are these older servers slower and more likely to crash, they're more vulnerable to viruses and hacker attacks.

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