Whats the difference between Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting?

Question by Abhi100: Whats the difference between Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting?
Heya Please tell em what the difference is between linux web hosting and windows web hosting. I made my site by dreamweaver does that affect either of the 2 i should choose please tell me thanx!

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Answer by joe.attaboy
Windows and Linux often use two different web server applications. Windows sites use the Windows IIS server, while nearly all Linux sites use Apache.

Linux sites focus on PHP, Perl and other open-source script languages for server side scripting. Windows-based sites use ,NET and ASP technologies. They might also offer support for PHP.

Linux sites offer MySQL as the database for backend content storage. Windows sites will probably offer SQL Server, though some offer the Windows versions of MySQL as well.

There shouldn't be any difference between the two if you use strict web standards in your HTML. However, you need to be aware of the fact that, since Dreamweaver is a Windows-only product, it may insert some non-standard things into your HTML. Frontpage also does this.

As long as you stick to accepted web standards and don't use any Windows-centric stuff in your site, you should have no problems with either one.

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    Linux web hosting is the best solution for most of web masters. Because many web scripts support in linux hosting. You can use a ssh connection to handle the web server.