1on1WebHost.org Announces the Release of “How to Select a Web host”

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) September 6, 2004 -

Ion1WebHost.org, source for unbiased information about web hosting, has released "How to Select a Web host” (http://www.1on1webhost.org) on the Internet. This article provides web hosting customers and web hosts with detailed information about web hosting, the web hosting industry and insiders tips on selecting a new web hosting company.

”How to Select a Web host” is available for free for all groups of visitors. The information provided is offering a neutral view on most aspects of web hosting and how to select the best web hosting company. Visitors are able to gain valuable information and to improve decision making when in need of web hosting.

This independent website sheds more light onto web hosting and provides a first class look onto things most customers never imagined. The”How to Select a Web host” article allows customers to make informed decisions about purchasing web hosting related services. Please click here http://www.1on1webhost.org/How%20to%20Select%20a%20Webhost.htm to view the article.

About Ion1WebHost.org

Ion1WebHost.org is a web hosting website by Women for Women. It was founded to educate non technical women about web hosting and design, domain name registration, and web site promotion. We also provide readers with advice on Internet marketing and advertising.

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