Blogging the bloggers

Blogging the bloggers
Quite an attendance that was over the weekend at the 2010 Blog Fest Socsksargen.   Bloggers overflowed from the ballroom of East Asia Royal Hotel. If anything, last week’s gathering of bloggers proved that there is a growing number of people now communicating in public domains and that their influence could expand beyond the traditional medium for information and analysis in a matter of time, if ...
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Importance of TV production and cricket commentary
I believe we have got fatigued with stating the severe shortcomings of the PCB which continue to be ignored. I thus felt one could usefully inform the readers about how television production of Pakistan’s ‘Home Series’ affects the value of television rights.
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How to manage holiday stress on a budget
I was stressed out and gave my feet over  to Jenn. I was stressed from working 28 hours over Saturday and Sunday. From not having gone to the gym in 27 days and gaining 15 pounds because a colleague flooded me with boxes of Hostess Cup Cakes and Ding Dongs and Twinkies and Drake’s Ring Dings. Love the Drake’s. From not having cash to buy presents for Hanukah and Christmas . The stress stretched ...
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