Super Green Juice Recipe

Rob from demonstrates how to make a super healthy green juice with the green star juicer. 1 cucumber 1 green or red apple (green is less sweet more tart) 1-2 carrots 3 stalks of celery 1 head of romaine lettuce 1 2 large dino or regular kale leaves 1/4 to 1/2 ripe Hawaiian papaya (1/2 results in a sweeter juice) 1 handful of cilantro or parsley (or both for deeper green juice) 1 handful of fennel (stalk can be used too) 1 green or red apple (green is less sweet more tart) Optional small slice of garlic and/or ginger Optional Superfood like Vitamineral Green
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  1. Wolvve says:

    Moby…very nice touch my friend.

  2. coolgril1691 says:

    hi i made my own jucie becuase i was bord one day and it was ice crem and milk and a carot

  3. kittythecakes says:

    porcelaine moby

  4. jawsslyn says:

    that juicer sucks. breville juicers FTW! you would have been done in 3 min… if that.

  5. Meriamen says:

    @rayray12458 look up moby i dont know the title but its by him

  6. Meriamen says:

    @candlecane look up moby i dont know the title but its by him

  7. ivory3908 says:

    are u a cigarette smoker juicerguy?

  8. Mrchrisxxx says:

    The foams the best bit.

  9. candlecane says:

    @tgz1000 Thank you! Just what I have been thinking. It is one thing to preface what you say with “find what works for you”. It is another to tell people that their quest for a healthier path is useless unless they do __, like your unqualified findings can be a holy grail lol. Some even go as far as showing us diets of animals like chimpanzees to prove what? That we are supposed to eat like chimps?? There is a reason we are called humans NOT chimpanzees lol.

  10. candlecane says:

    What is the name of this song pleeeease?!!!

  11. rayray12458 says:

    Someone please tell me the name of this song!

  12. jerktrucker says:

    i just use a blender, then i also get all the fibre.

  13. MiKikaIwaShizaru says:

    Here’s my recipe:
    1/4 cup tomato PASTE (cooked tomatoes full of lycopene)
    (empty a can and freeze it in blocks)
    1 cup of frozen broccoli
    a couple washed carrots
    a cup of washed chopped kale
    1/4 brick frozen spinach
    1/4 cup raw walnuts (omega-3s!)
    stevia to taste (sweetener)

    It took me a long time to figure out that I don’t really want a “spicy” vegetable drink, just a mild vitamin-packed one that’s relatively quick and that I can consistently stomach.

  14. krzifngrs says:

    i guess it works if your selling it but why dont you get a breville 800jexl? its the strongest and quickest, just a bit loud

  15. tgz1000 says:

    Everyone is a self-professed expert when it comes to this stuff. Juice whatever makes you feel better and gives you energy.

  16. vrwhitlockable says:

    @PineGroveBird it’s a great juicer.

  17. vrwhitlockable says:

    @nero8289 I use it, it is better and faster than the one he’s using there, the breville elite is the best.

  18. Famadeus101 says:

    I bough some combination of Stevia, Barley, Parsley, atl kelp, wheatgrass, alfalfa and spirulina. It says 1 teaspoon per day. Being in bad health for 7 years and with several bad conditions, how much should I take maximum? I really want to recover to normal health asap

  19. marialuis98 says:

    with the Hurom juicer, you’ll get more juice out all that stuff you have there. It’s time to change your juicer dude

  20. nero8289 says:

    Have you ever used the jack lalanne juice,and if so what do yout hink about it?

  21. djkalja says:

    this video had a really nice feel to it

  22. PineGroveBird says:

    would you recommend the Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice Extractor?

  23. suneela100 says:

    @JackNeedles wow quite informative.thank u.

  24. markpianoman says:

    I just got a new Hurom juicer in the mail today, but won’t try it out until tomorrow. I you tried one of those?

  25. TheSasha555 says:

    Child please.