Website creators please help…!! Ipage hosting question?

Question by Cocubloo: Website creators please help...!! Ipage hosting question?
I did a bit of searching and decided on Ipage's web hosting.

Now I'm thoroughly confused - because in their TUTORIALS they show a website builder (weebly - which seemed simple, easy and the interface had tonnes of options) yet when I dug in deeper into their website I discovered a demo of their CM4all website creator.

So which creator do they provide?
Or do they have an option for either? Besides, I don't like CM4all creator because they have a vertical navbar (unless there is a way to get a horizontal one which I am not aware of - in that case can someone tell me how?)

I'm having second thoughts, someone please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Answer by Colanth
It's not that difficult to learn to write a web page. Start with Then you can have a vertical navbar, a horizontal navbar or whatever you want.

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  1. altafbhurgari says:

    web hosting

  2. Matt says:

    They offer both Weebly and CM4all. The free version of Weebly doesn’t support some advanced features like E-commerce, but you can upgrade to it later if you want to.

    They also offer a lot of CMS solutions like WordPress which is really the most popular CMS which allows you to quickly install it and customize your website anyway you want. You can select the theme that you like and add a bunch of plugins, and it’s free.

    Hope this helps!