Getting & Managing Your First 1,000 Clients In Web Hosting

Getting & Managing Your First 1,000 Clients In Web Hosting

The guides brought to you in this book are gained by series of my own failures by doing things the wrong way. I hope by going through this guide book, you won't have to go through the same failures which I have experienced. By the end of this book, you should have all the necessary knowledge and hopefully passion to go and get your first 1,000 clients and to manage them, all by yourself.

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  1. R. Aro says:

    Review by R. Aro for Getting & Managing Your First 1,000 Clients In Web Hosting
    Since this is a new product on the market, I’m still working my way through it. These are my initial thoughts, which I will revise later:

    The book does a phenomenal job of covering the scope of what someone new entering the hosting business would need to know. There’s a lot of practical knowledge in these chapters: scripts, day-to-day operational procedures, marketing, and more. The author also has developed software that could be invaluable for the new host to use (not included with this book).

    I’ve been in the hosting industry for 10 years and I still feel there are some items that are of value to me. Things that fall by the wayside such as local marketing in favor of online marketing.

    That being said, I hope the author takes the time to address the two shortcomings of the book. First, I think the biggest hurdle of someone entering this highly saturated market is finding their niche. The author covers this in the book, however I think a future version of the book would benefit from this being expanded upon.

    Secondly, it’s obvious that the author’s first language is not English. The book could really use a good editor to proofread. I think it unfairly undermines the effectiveness of the author, when it’s clear he is a subject matter expert in the field.

    I’m currently mentoring someone new to the industry and plan to use this book as a reference. I will update this review with the outcome of that effort.



  2. Urano Gonzalez Tellez says:

    Review by Urano Gonzalez Tellez for Getting & Managing Your First 1,000 Clients In Web Hosting
    Se que el libro està en Inglès. Pero de todas formas pondrè mi comentario en Español.

    Creo que este libro es indispensable si ya eres un reseller de Web Hosting. Y si quieres pasar al siguiente nivel, es decir contratar servidores dedicados y revenderlos, entonces necesitas este libro.

    Empieza con la configuraciòn de un Servidor, desde WHM, y yo que he configurado algunas decenas de servidores encontrè muchos tips.

    La instalaciòn y configuraciòn del firewall por si mismo vale mucho màs que el costo.

    En fin, si eres o quieres ser un proveedor de web hosting de verdad, por favor lee este libro.

    Y todo esto antes de entrar en la parte de mercadotecnia.

  3. J. Tibbott says:

    Review by J. Tibbott for Getting & Managing Your First 1,000 Clients In Web Hosting
    So here is the scoop, this guy, Jimmy Tanzil, is the owner of the web hosting company 2ip. He is the one that wrote this book, using an alias. Over the past few weeks, his hosting company, which I was a customer at, has been attacked by hackers, and it has been determined that he himself uploaded the compromised files (most likely accidentally) from his home PC, but instead he wiped all the user’s data and forced them to start fresh, claiming that the backups they were using were compromised. Now, after declaring that he would continue providing services, he has decided to close the company and is forcing all members to migrate to Hostgator, or pay normal price with another host. He has virtually disappeared from the face of the earth. There have been threats of legal action because he lost everyone’s data, luckily I perform backups regularly, so I was not affected. Now he is not providing the service that we paid for. In short, this guy conned us all. He fooled us into thinking that 2ip was a real company, with real employees, when in fact it was just an individual selling reseller hosting to us all.

    Do not buy the book, you will be supporting this kind of person, and the testimonials on the book are all fake. There are people from Hostgator saying how great the book is, but they paid him to write it.